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    PIM - Need explanation about its functionality

      I have a basic question about Oracle Product Information Management.

      Suppose there is a product A with an attribute associated with it called B having values x, y and z. I update the product A and set the attribute B's value as y.

      Now suppose there are two items C & D each having a BOM structure associated with them. Now I add product A in the BOMs of both C & D using the product workbench.

      Now, if I use the product workbench to update the value of attribute B from y to z from inside the BOM of item C would it change the value of attribute B inside BOM of item D also.

      Also, I want to know whether this practice of instantiating a particular value for an item (In this case I instantiated (updated) attribute B's value to y (B has a value set having values x, y and z assigned to it)) is correct/logical, and what purpose would this serve when the item is sync'd to some downstream system such as Siebel.