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    Difference between W_AP_XACT_F and W_AP_INV_DIST_F


      We have procurement and financial modules enabled in our BI apps.
      We have a requirement to create Payments by Department report. For this report there are 2 options, either use W_AP_XACT_F or W_AP_INV_DIST_F.
      Now the problem is data is not matching between the two.

      I went through BI Apps user guide but it only explained table functions at high level.

      Can someone please tell me how are these 2 tables different? They both seem to hold AP data. And by definition, AP will always have an Invoice. so what is the difference between the two?

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          Veeresh Rayan
          W_AP_INV_DIST_F --> holds invoice at the distribution level.

          W_AP_XACT_F -->Holds ll AP transaction details..

          The way you should be doing customization is upto you but I would suggest these things based on my experience.

          1)Take a look in the OOTB subect area and dashboads identify if there are any reports/columns matching your requirements.

          2)Ask user to see where are they looking most relavant information(Meaning which is the subect area which gives most of the columns EX.Dept Name ,Payment Amt etc).

          3)Then check that subect area to understand what is the base table from where it is pulling information.EX. W_AP_XACT_F,W_AP_INV_DIST_F,W_PURCH_COST_F,W_PURCH_ORDER_F etc...).

          4)Then start building the report/custom development.

          It seems that your requirement is to show report department wise payment then it can be done with Proc subect area and obviously its gonna be hitting W_AP_INV_DIST_F table.

          Mark helpfull/Correct if it helps.

          Veeresh Rayan
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            Through my little experience in BIApps, I can suggest you the following-

            W_AP_INV_DIST_F - Holds all AP Invoices at the distribution level. Corresponding EBS table for this fact is AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL. You can map each row from this EBS table to BI Fact. Any queries regarding Invoices with respect to PO, PR, Vendor, etc will be answered by this fact. For example, Total invoice raised by a vendor or Total invoice raised against a particular PO or PR, etc, queries will be answered by this fact.

            W_AP_INV_DIST_F - Holds all AP Invoice transactions, meaning Invoices, Payment Schedules & Payments made against each invoice. Any queries regarding AP Invoice payments(on the financial side) is answered by this fact. For example, Invoice aging, Total invoice on hold, Invoices cleared for payment but payment not yet paid, etc,- all this queries will be answered by this fact. Corresponding EBS tables for this fact is - AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL, AP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL, AP_PAYMENTS_ALL.

            Hope this may give you some basic idea to start with.