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    Unable to generate partition name as per user choice

      Hi I have create one table newsales with daily partitions but partitions getting generated with system generated name like sys_162,sys_163,etc. But i want partition name to be generated in format :" p1_date" format .
      Can any one help on this?

      I tried with this but didnot work

      1 create table newsales1(id number(4),name varchar(6),order_date date)
      2 partition by range(order_date)
      3 interval(numtodsinterval(1,'DAY'))
      4 (
      5 partition 'sysdate' values less than (to_date('18-03-2013','dd-mm-yyyy'))
      6* )
      SQL> /
      partition 'sysdate' values less than (to_date('18-03-2013','dd-mm-yyyy'))
      ERROR at line 5:
      ORA-14006: invalid partition name

      Thanks for you help