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    Auto numbering is happening even when F11 is pressed

      Hi ,

      We are developing a customer form wherein we have 2 data blocks . These two data blocks share the master-detail relationship. The detail block is a multi record block.
      We are auto numbering an item <line_number> in the detail block following the steps mentioned in the metalink [ID 33342.1]

      The steps mentioned in the link are generating numbers automatically when a new record is created and resequences the line numbers when a record is deleted. It works fine in these two scenarios.

      But we have two issues here :

      1) The line numbers are getting generated even when we press F11 in th detail block. This should not happen in our form. (We need to suppress the auto numbering in F11 mode)
      2) If we move the cursor to a new record in the detail block, the line number gets generated there but if we move back to the previous record without entering anything in the new record, that new record does not disappear. It stays there .

      Please let us know how can the above two issues be resolved

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          From what I saw on metalink note this is expected behavior. So the first problem is simply to solve, Just call :SYSTEM.MODE function and if it's result is ENTER-QUERY then do nothing (do not call resequence routine). As for the second problem there is a simple solution if your business logic can accept it. You could make one item in child block required. This way a user could not walk away from that record without deleting it first. If this solution is not applicable to you then you will have to manually program logic for this situation.

          Best regards.

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