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    Automatic Skip (Auto-Skip;autoskip) failing when item value reentered

      Hello All,

      Environment: Oracle Forms 10g (9.0.4) on OAS 10g on windows server 2003 and DS 10g on Windows XP; Oracle DB 11g R2;

      Have encountered strange behaviour with the Automatic Skip Property.

      i have 3 fields used to query a reference number: A, B and C - A autoskips to B which Autoskips to C which users then fire "next-item" (Tab/CR) on to query the reference no. and place cursor back in item A.

      1. when item A is null and a value entered, autoskip works fine, B too...the reference is queried and the cursor placed back in A ready for overwrite of value in A.
      2. overwrite value in A with a DIFFERENT value and autoskip works fine
      3. overwrite value in A with the SAME value and autoskip fails ***problem

      Also, the problem behaviour ONLY occurs when running the form the Application Server. The same behviour is NOT displayed when the Form in question is run from Form Builder 10g (oracle development suite 10g, 9.0.4).


      Does anyone know of a fix or work around for this problem?

      many thanks in advance.