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    MDS: filterVisible for table


      we have enabled MDS (Enable User Customization - Across Sessions using MDS) in our application. E.g. columnSize can be persisted, so generally MDS works.
      But I don’t know how could be saved the property filterVisible for the table. The table is inside of the panelCollection.
      In the documentation is written:
      ADF Faces tables can contain a component that allows users to filter the table rows by an attribute value. For a table that is configured to use a filter, the filter will either be visible or not, based on the last action of the user. You will need to write code that allows the user to change this attribute value. For example, you might create a button that allows a user to toggle the value from true to false.

      What do I have to do to remember if the filter was shown or hidden the last time?

      It’s jdeveloper

      Thank you