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    Oracle CLusterware/RAC Licensing

      Dear Experts

      Very bizzare one but need just for information.

      We have purchased four set of Exadata and want to implement this scenario in one of exadata due to licensing issues.

      We have sufficient number of DB licenses but do not have RAC licenses and management is in no mood to purchase for next one quarter at least.

      We want to implement all nodes as stand alone nodes along with Clusterware (Grid) so that ASM Disk Groups will be visible on all nodes at the same time. In case of any node failure, we can start DB instance on another node.

      My question is : -

      1. Can I install and use clusterware grid software across all nodes and share disk group without RAC licenses (that is with only DB licenses).
      2. Will clusterware allow sharing of same disk group across all nodes and file locking etc i.e. sharing features will be available without RAC.
      3. What all technical problems I may face?

      Based on these, I will wait for license purchase or may decide to use box for DEVELOPMENT category databases.