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    SQL Developer - Spool file - Append option not supported

      Not sure how I report a bug.

      SQL Developer,, Build MAIN-09.87, the option for Spool File "Append" does not work.

      Note: The option of "append" works fine with SQLPlus, just not in SQL Developer.

      SQL Developer attempts to use the trailing "append" option as part of the spool filename?

      How to verify:

      -- This will work:
      spool "C:\TestingSpool.txt" ;
      spool off ;

      -- This will not:
      SPOOL "C:\TestingSpool.txt" append ;
      spool off ;

      -- returns the following script output:
      -- Cannot create SPOOL file "C:\TestingSpool.txt" append

      -- Using no quotes (either double or single) to surround the filename:
      -- This will work: (will create a file in C:\ root folder)
      spool C:\TestingSpool.txt ;
      spool off ;

      -- This will Not work: (will create a file in C:\ root folder: as "C:\testingspool.txt append")
      SPOOL C:\TestingSpool.txt append ;
      spool off ;

      Quotes (either single or double) 'filename' / "filename" are supported by SQLPLus to allows spaces in the spooled path/filename.

      Reference the following site for sql plus:

      SQL*Plus Enhancements in Oracle Database 10g

      APPEND, CREATE and REPLACE extensions to SPOOL and SAVE

      The following extentions have been added to the SPOOL and SAVE commands.

      REPLACE - (Default) This option replaces an existing file or creates it if it is not already present.
      CREATE - This option creates a new file or produces an error if the file already exists.
      APPEND - This option appends to an existing file, or creates a new file if it's not already present.
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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          What you are asking for is an enhancement, not a bug fix, since there is no guarantee that SQL Developer Worksheet matches SQL*Plus behavior. Over time, SQL Developer has tended toward greater compatibility with SQL*Plus. In
          Help -> Table of Contents -> SQL Developer Concepts and Usage -> Using the SQL Worksheet
          in the section SQL*Plus Statements Supported and Not Supported in SQL Worksheet the supported syntax is:
          spo[ol] {filename[.ext] | OFF}
          You can log a feature request (if one is not already logged) at http://sqldeveloper.oracle.com/

          SQL Developer Team