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    Thai language characters not displaying correctly in browser

    Stefan P Knecht
      Hello all

      I am starting to develop a multilingual application which will include both english and thai.

      The problem Im having is that the browser displays only garbage when Im fetching a report on a table that includes Thai characters in a column.

      What Im seeing is something like this:

      Language Id     Short     Name
      0     ENG     English
      1     THA     à¸„นไทย

      Things that I have checked:

      - The database character set is AL32UTF8
      - The same is set for NLS_LANG when starting the database, listener, OHS
      - The same is configured in dads.conf
      - The browser is set to Unicode as well ( and can display normal thai websites without any problems)

      I have tested on a windows 7 client, as well as locally to the database on the linux box using firefox, both show the same result.

      In xterm I have no problems inserting and querying thai characters. Its all shown correctly.

      I tried with chinese characters as well, and I see the same result.

      Any ideas please let me know