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    Hide IR Break rows - Floating IR header (ir-header-float plugin)


      I have a report that is viewed by creating a break on a column that allows the data to be viewed in groups. The “break” column is a numeric column that groups the data so that the groups are broken correctly. I am attempting to eliminate the individual group regions on the page and implement a report header that is always displayed on screen. There used to be a plugin (skillbuilders-ir-header-float) that allowed the functionality that I am seeking but I can not find it. It is not on the Skill Builders plugin site or the http://apex-plugin.com/ site. From what I remember, it would do exactly what I need.

      In any event, I have been able to make the break row and the break header row disappear (style="visibility: hidden";) and place a thin line across the top of each break in Firefox, Safari, Chrome. I am unable to make these regions disappear in IE 8 or 9. The standard browser in use is IE 9.

      Any suggestions?