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    Unable to poll for files in FTP server using Proxy Service (in OSB Project)

      Here are the stepd followed for creating proxy service that should poll ftp server to retrieve files but polling is not happening and unable to see any errors in logs.
      1. Created service account by selecting resource type as static and providing the ftp user and password details.
      2. Created a New Proxy Service in eclipse
           Tab General - service type as Messaging Service
           Tab Messaging - Request Message Type as Text, Response message type as None
           Tab Transport - Protocol selected as "ftp"
                - Endpoint uri entered in the format - ftp://hostname:port/directory
      FTP Transport -Selected "external user" as User Authentication
                - Selected the Service Account thats created in step1/
                     - File mMask - *.*
                     - Polling Interval 60
                     - Read Limit 10
                     - Post Read Action - Delete
                     - Transfer mode - binary
                     - Download Directory - "some local directoy"
                     - Error Directory - "some local error directory"
      Could any one please help here to trouble shoot the polling issue and correct me if this is wrong approach.