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      dear friends,
      how to get dbid when db is shut down and all files are lost and only left with rman backup?your help appreciated,thanks.

      os:5.7 RHEL.
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          Paul M.
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            is it oracle binaries exist right?

            export ORACLE_SID=xxxxx
            rman target /

            it will display your database id.....
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              In your RMAN backup, if your controlfile is set default for automatic backup, you can take the dbid from there. The default format is %F which stands for

              the format of the autobackup file for all configured devices is the substitution variable %F. This variable format translates into c-IIIIIIIIII-YYYYMMDD-QQ, where:

              IIIIIIIIII stands for the DBID
              •YYYYMMDD is a time stamp of the day the backup is generated
              •QQ is the hex sequence that starts with 00 and has a maximum of FF