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    Repository Consistency Check 39008 "does not join"?

    Nick Clinite
      I'm using Administration Tool with a Repository version of 318.

      I have imported my star schema metadata from the database using an OCI connection. All the joins were included, so I can go to Physical->Fact Table->Physical Diagram->Object(s) and Direct Joins and it shows my fact table linked to all my dimension tables. I then clicked-and-dragged my schema to the Business layer. I created my dimension by right-clicking on my logical tables in the Business layer and choosing Create Logical Dimension -> Dimension with Level-Based Hierarchy. This worked for all the dimensions that had only one level (a base level and a grand total level), but resulted in some odd errors when done for dimensions with more than one level. I got around these errors by manually creating these dimensions, clicking-and-dragging the logical columns in, and setting up the keys.

      Only now when I do I consistency check, I get three of the following warnings, one for each dimension that has more than one level:
      Business Model [Business Model]:
      [39008] Logical dimension table [Logical Table] has a source [Physical Table?] that does not join to any fact source.
      At least, I think it is referring to the Physical Table, but changing the name of the Physical Table doesn't change the error message, though changing the Logical Table name does, so I'm not really sure what it is referring to. Here is what one looks like precisely:
      [39008] Logical dimension table Time has a source TIME that does not join to any fact source.
      Now, each of the three multi-level dimensions have a base level with a key that is present in the Fact Table. I can even right-click on the Fact Table on the Business Layer and go to Business Model Diagram or Physical Model Diagram and get a diagram of my fact table linked to all of its dimensions, including the three in question. Analysis made in OBIEE work so long as I don't use those three dimensions.

      Does anybody have any idea what I'm missing here?