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    Problem connecting to AV server to complete Post-Installation tasks...

      I'm attempting to install and configure AVDF in VirtualBox on my local machine for research & learning. As part of our plan we intend to use audit vault in our production environment but I was hoping to have my own little testbed. I'm following the instructions provided in the "Oracle® Audit Vault and Database Firewall Installation Guide
      Release 12.1.0".

      The installation went smooth until I attempted to reboot and login to the AV console via a browser. I'm trying to use the IP address that I gave it at the end of the installation but to no avail - timeout. Also, when the server is booted and I see the Audit Vault Server screen (Display Appliance Info, Select Interface, ...) I CANNOT ping the address from other guest machines or from my host machine.

      I've configured RAC in VirtualBox and was able to talk to the servers from the host and from other guest machines. I've dug around and cannot find anyone attempting to do the same thing, let alone having the same problem. I am stuck and don't know what to do next.

      Any and all help is oh-so greatly appreciated?