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    Interfacing with JDE?


      I'm sure you guys have heard this a million times: I'm a JDE beginner. I need to understand what kind of interfaces JDE E1 offers. Specifically, I need to be able to run UBEs externally. Typically, we use web services, (PL/)SQL APIs, .NET assemblies, etc to interface with other programs. For example, we wrote an interface for Oracle EBS which allowed for the scheduling of concurrent requests. This was done using EBS's PL/SQL API (there were web services available but they weren't useful to us).

      My question is:

      What are the options for writing a similar interface for JDE E1? Web services? PL/SQL API? Anything? A very high-level overview would be fine. I just can't find a concise answer on Google.


      P.S.> To be clear, I'm talking about accessing JDE E1 UBEs from an external program (which I'll be writing), NOT accessing external components from within JDE E1.
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          Maybe you already found your answer.

          I suggest you investigate the use of BSSV's. and FWIW you can start UBE from the command line on an enterprise server (runube)

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            If you are interested in integrating using .NET, take a look at an Oracle Validated Product, LynX Business Integrator. You can write .NET code to:

            1. Call business functions
            2. Select, Insert, Update and Delete records in JDE tables
            3. Attach media objects
            4. JDE Transaction control

            The code is compiled as a .NET class assembly and can be published as a ASP.NET web service that can be consumed by external applicatons.

            See http://www.aellius.com/products/lynx-business-integrator/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/aelliuslynx for more information.

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