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    How Siebel CRM consumes customer update published from OCH through AIA

      Hi all,

      We're using Oracle Customer Hub and Siebel Marketing, running as seperate Siebel instances in seperate Enterprises. We have Oracle AIA in the middle and are using the out of the box PIPs for OCH to Siebel CRM.

      I'm very much a beginner in terms of AIA and I cannot get my head around one thing - how does the receiving Siebel CRM application 'consume' published updates to the golden customer record from OCH, via AIA?

      I am assuming that one of two thing happens:

      1. AIA invokes an Inbound Web Service in Siebel and passes in the update message
      2. AIA puts the update message on a JMS queue and a JMS Component in Siebel sees and consumes the message

      What I cannot find is some documentation that just tells me how it works! It's doing my head in!

      Anyone with experience able to shed any light on this?

      Many thanks in advance!