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    SORT, ADD Nodes

      I'm trying to understand how DRM determines where to ADD a node during the Action script process. I currently have the sortLimbsFirst system preference = False. A couple of examples: I am adding new leaf level nodes which are numeric_alpha format. After the action script the new leaf level nodes are added to the top of the section.
      For example:
      10010_dhfjf --> this is the new member

      Why was the new member 10010_dhfjf added above 10001_fkldj?

      Next example:

      100001 - Limb
      100002 - Limb
      100018 - New Limb
      100018_hdjlk - New leaf
      100006 - Limb
      100010 - Limb

      If I can understand why DRM is placing these new nodes in the hierarchies where it is, then I can figure out if there is a way to insure they will be loaded in an alpha_numeric order.... or some type of order.

      Many thanks!
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          Murali Pasumarti
          DRM By default sorts the data in Alphan Numeric fashion,

          Also you can define the sort order of you choice by assigning a derived property ( of SORT Data Type) to the Standard Hierarchy Sort Order on a Hieararchy or you can use Core.SortOrder if you wish to retain a specific order,

          Reg '10010_dhfjf', I will answer shortly, need to test:-)

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            There is a possible solution to this...

            - Assign Core.SortOrder to the StdHierSort Hierarchy property.
            - Change the default value of Core.SortOrder to a value which you think possibly would be the maximum number of nodes under a parent eg. 10000

            Once you do this try the operation you've been trying so far and let me know if it works.I think It should !! :)


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              Thanks, Everyone!
              I have a SORT property defined and assigned to the StdHierSort hierarchy property. Not the Core.SortOrder - not sure of this makes a difference. I don't understand the second step of assigning a default value to the SORT property. Should this value be a maximum # of possible children (nodes) PER parent? And how is that used when ADDing a new member using an action script? The goal is to get the ADDed node in the right position during the action script add so the DRM admin does not need to move each node into the correct sort order.

              Many, many thanks for your assistance!
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                I guess I misunderstood your requirement.. excuse me for that...Well if you are sending the sort order values on a Sort Property.. nothing like it for an action script.Using any sort property doesn't make any difference as long as you don't want different Sort Ordering for different users.

                Thanks :)