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    Error while opening Ownership Management

      Hi guys,

      While trying to opening a grid in the ownership management, I received the following errors:
      1. Failed to retrieve default currencies for entities.
      2. Error occurred while updating internal grids.

      I checked the log file and got this:

      Error Code: {C0604C70-B070-4156-9B76-6A2920EFEF88}
      System Message Summary
      An unknown error occurred in the HFM Web Services.
      System Message Details
      Error Reference Number: {C0604C70-B070-4156-9B76-6A2920EFEF88};User Name: uhycomd
      Num: 0x800465a5;Type: 1;DTime: 3/21/2013 11:56:41 AM;Svr: HYPERION4;File: ;Line: 0;Ver: ;

      Any ideas?