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      i have some fields in my report
      let us startdate,enddate,gldate,year,month,quarter

      if my condition is gldate>-startdate and gldate<=enddate

      if im filter using monthname--values like jan-11,feb-11,mar-11,...dec11,jan-12,....

      if filter is jan-12 then
      gldate is 31-01-2012 and startdate is 01-01-2012 and enddate is 31-01-2012

      is it possible if im applied filter then only startdate and end date values are filtered based on filter condition and
      for gldate i get the all the values

      that means

      if my condition is

      gldate<=startdate then monthname is jan-12

      then i get values upto jan-12

      is it possible with this conditions