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    Question about outgoing connections

      Hi All

      I met a question about the security of weblogic.

      I want to configure the outgoing connections for my application, and the instance must only communicate via following accepted
      protocols: T3S, HTTPS. Additional communication is allowed using foreign providers for MQ
      over SSL, IIOP over SSL, JDBC APIs over proprietary protocol1 over SSL, and SMTP

      My weblogic version is 10.3.6

      What Should I do?



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          anjhawar - oracle
          Not sure whether the following is what you are looking for:

          client > http/t3 > WLS (application) > https/t3s > client

          here, WLS can communicate with MQ setup on all the protocols.

          In case you wish to achieve that, you can use web.xml of the application and set "transport-guarantee" as CONFIDENTIAL, which will make sure that the response of the application is over ssl.

          Now, if you wish to make sure that all the communication to WLS is over ssl, then you need to disable the listen port of the server.

          If the above is not correct, I would request you to please share a small request flow diagram, so that we can discuss based on the same.