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    sun package is forbidden Then what about com package in future.

      sun package has been forbiden in java 1.7 on wards.

      The java.*, javax.* and org.* packages documented in the Java 2 Platform Standard
      Edition API Specification make up the official, supported, public interface.
      If a Java program directly calls only API in these packages, it will operate
      on all Java-compatible platforms, regardless of the underlying OS platform.
      The sun.* packages are not part of the supported, public interface.

      A Java program that directly calls into sun.* packages is not guaranteed to work
      on all Java-compatible platforms. In fact, such a program is not guaranteed to
      work even in future versions on the same platform.

      for reference :
      Import From Forbidden Package

      So, What about the com and org package can able to implement in java,
      because in future after software has been developed
      should get any trouble right that is y asking...