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    FORMS 6I: Inserting text file into text file


      I have a text file on a local drive. User will form another text file from some data which is stored in database (10.0.2).

      Now i need to insert content of that user-formed text file into text file on my local drive on a precise place (see below example).

      Text file on my hard drive:
      line nr:  text
      1         john
      2         office
      3         dave
      4         D.J.
      5         Worker
      text file formed by a user:
      line nr:    text
      1           wilson
      2           greg
      3           suzan
      4           andrew
      5           matt
      Out put of the text file should be (i have to replace office in text file on my  hard drive with text content formed by user):
      line nr   text 
      1         john
      2         wilson
      3         greg
      4         suzan
      5         andrew
      6         matt
      7         dave
      8         D.J.
      9         Worker
      So i have to find line number where word OFFICE is and replace OFFICE with whole content of user-formed text file.

      I hope i was clear ... i would like to hear some ideas how to pull this off.

      PS word to replace in text file will always be OFFICE on some random line in text file.

      Thank you!