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    Updating Themes that have Subscriptions

      Hi - I'm experimenting with Theme Subscriptions and have hit an issue ..

      I have a 'master_app' with a customised Theme. It's a cut down theme with a few Templates. I also have a 'subscriber_app' in which I've created a Theme that subscribes to my 'master_app' Theme - I export and then import this theme into other my other apps. (I wonder is this a good/correct approach?)

      Now in 'master_app' I have added a new Template. I then created a corresponding Template in 'subscriber_app' as a copy/subscription to the new template in master_app.

      My issue: this new Template is not appearing in the apps that have imported and are using the 'subscriber_app' theme (I did check the box to publish on save). So I resort to exporting and reimporting the subscriber_app theme into my apps.

      Problem: after reimporting the theme all apps are broken - pages not rendering at all. All regions, reports etc. show a long number as their template, and I had to go through and reassign/reselect the correct template. Whilst reimporting the Theme I choose to overwrite existing / reuse theme_id.

      Is my technique correct, why is the new template not pushed out to my apps that have subscribed to that theme? If that is correct not sure whether Theme subscriptions is robust enough for production apps.

      thanks for any tips/ideas.