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    How many threads are used to load an webpage in webview?

      I implemented a custom version of cookiemanage to overcome the problem of cookies being stored retrived in the same place for webview (when assigning a custom cookiemanager to default cookiehandler before initializing webview ).

      This custom class uses thread local to create a new store for each thread, so i could have varius webview instance not using the same cookiestore.Well, it doesn´t work because
      webview apperantly creates about 20 threads for loading (login) a webpage.I´m guessing webview uses several threads to load an webpage, because in my custom implementation of cookiemanager each thread that request
      CookieHandler.getdefault() get a new cookie store, i did this with threadlocal.

      My question to the experts is ::
      - Is my teory correct and weview creats several threads to load a page or i´m missing something where?
      - Also having my problem is there an way i can restrict webview so it only creates one thread or at least only one thread that call cookiemanager.getDefault()?

      Even not knowing the answers to the above , any details on webview inside working relating thread could be helpfull.

      Many Thanks