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    OID connector - Direct Provisioning

      I am following OID connector guide for testing Direct provisioning.

      OIM is 11gR2 and oid connector is In order to access Users, used url http://host:port/oim (is this url ok to access "Users")
      and then Search for user, and from list of users displayed in search results, select the OIM user. The user details page is displayed on right panel.
      It is fine till here.
      Now doc says to click Resources tab on this user details page. However, on 11gR2 following tabs are available
      Attributes, Roles, Entitlements, Accounts, Direct Reports, Admin Roles

      I do not see any "Resources Tab" which is mentioned in the OID connector guide section 3.5.1 for Direct Provisioning.
      Experts, please let me know how to access this Resource Tab so as to continue with the Direct Provisioning.