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    RFS & Max Performance mode

      Hello Everbody,

      I am new to this forum.

      From Oracle Doc:

      "At log switch time, if there are no available standby redo log files that match the size of the new current online redo log file on the primary database:

      • The primary database will shut down if it is operating in maximum protection mode,
      • The RFS process on the standby database will create an archived redo log file on the standby database and write the following message in the alert log:
      No standby log files of size <#> blocks available."

      If the DB is in Max Protection mode, The primary DB will shut down.

      My question is What happens if the DB is in Max Performance mode? Does it mean that if the database is in Max Performance mode RFS bypasses SRL and create archive log file?

      Thank you in advance.