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    Database cloning

      I am trying to set up a standby database for my DR Site. The database I am trying to clone is 400 GB Large. I have tried all methods to no avail. Can someone point me to a third party tool which does this.
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          using RMAN
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            alternate is ask system/SAN admin to make a image of datafile mountpoint available at standby site and then you can create standby controlfile and other required changed and start the standby DB. Usually, system/SAM admins have utilities to make a faster copy then RMAN. It's my observations and it might be other way too......

            but, what problem you facing and how you are trying to create standby by ? what's DB & OS version ? Question you asked is very generic, please be specific....

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              Hemant K Chitale
              Please describe all the methods you have tried.

              If the network bandwidth (and/or latency) between the primary and the DR site is the issue, you should consider doing a backup of the database to tape, shipping/trucking the tapes to the DR site and restoring from tape to storage at the DR site.

              Hemant K Chitale