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    TT can't recognize matching string

      That is quite strange problem :) I have a simple sql query:

      select ClientNr from Client where fname='Amanda' and sname='Grodzka';

      And TT returns me: 0 rows found.

      Than when I try this query:

      select fname, sname from Client where ClientNr=9;

      The result is: < "Amanda", "Grodzka" >

      I know that Amanda Grodzka exists in the table. The same is going on with an other VARCHAR2 type of data. Only queries with the 'where' clause combine with the numbers are working fine, for example where ClientNr=9;

      Database character set is AL32UTF8. All string in my database are VARCHAR2. The data have been loaded from files with UTF-8 encoding.

      Problem solved, it was my mistake, I was using "" instead of ''

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