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    Buyer changed Promised should not reflect in supplier portal.

      I am creating a PO with NBD to D30 and promised date (NBD - Transit time) to D25 and approve it.

      Now this PO goes to supplier through iSupplier.
      Supplier changes the date to D40 as new promised date.

      This goes back to Buyer and Buyer changes the Promised date and reapprove it.

      Now since FOB on buyer's side, he can decide the transit only before 1 week time of shipment. So the transit time may change 5 to 10 days or 20 days or remains 5 days only.
      Based on that, Buyer will change the promised date 1 week shipment and reapprove the PO.

      Now this change should not reflect in iSupplier. Because the pomised date may some time more than (D45) what supplier promised (D40).And this may affect their performance report (Supplier point of view)
      Please suggest, Is there workaround?