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    Not able to import Template with xmlpost utility


      I am trying to import Template from one site to another by xmlpost utilty. After executing command template get imported successfully but it did not import element logic. It's showing      No element logic specified in element logic field.

      Even though i am able to use my template after making entry in elementcatalog and coping xml code file in Shared\elements\Page.

      My source and cofig file is -
      xmlpost.xmlfilenamefilter: .xml
      xmlpost.url: http://localhost:8280/cs/ContentServer
      xmlpost.numargs: 6
      xmlpost.argname1: pagename
      xmlpost.argvalue1: OpenMarket/Xcelerate/Actions/RemoteContentPost
      xmlpost.argname2: AssetType
      xmlpost.argvalue2: Template
      xmlpost.argname3: authusername
      xmlpost.argvalue3: fwadmin
      xmlpost.argname4: authpassword
      xmlpost.argvalue4: xceladmin
      xmlpost.argname5: inifile
      xmlpost.argvalue5: futuretense.ini
      xmlpost.argname6: startmenu
      xmlpost.argvalue6: New Definition
      xmlpost.success: Success
      xmlpost.failure: Error
      xmlpost.logfile: abhishek.txt
      xmlpost.deletefile: y
      postpublication: y
      postname: y
      postcategory: y
      postkeyword: y
      postsource: y
      postrootelement: y
      postttype: y
      poststatus: y
      postcreatedby: y
      postcreateddate: y
      postupdatedby: y
      postupdateddate: y
      postdescription: y
      poststartdate: y
      postenddate: y
      postsubtype: y
      postfilename: y
      postpath: y
      posttemplate: y
      posturlexternaldoc: y
      postexternaldoctype: y
      posturlexternaldocxml: y

      xml file -
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
      <description>Create Basic Asset Table</description>