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    ADF BAM-based data bound tree table does not get refreshed on change events

      Hi everyone,

      I'm having troubles using BAM with a tree table and I'm wondering if there's anyone who can help.

      - JDev
      - SOA Composite Editor Extension

      - Fusion Web Application (ADF)
      - contains a BAM Connection
      - BAM Data Control with Group Query type based on "/Samples/Employees" Data Object. Group Data By Salea Area and Salesperson. No Aggregates.
      - A simple jspx page that contains a tree table based on the previous BAM Data Control. The tree binding has ChangeEventPolicy set to push.
      The tree table definition is:
      <af:treeTable value="#{bindings._Sales_Area.treeModel}" var="node"
      selectionListener="#{bindings._Sales_Area.treeModel.makeCurrent}" rowSelection="single"
      <f:facet name="nodeStamp">
      <af:column id="c1">
      <af:outputText value="#{node}" id="ot2"/>
      <f:facet name="pathStamp">
      <af:outputText value="#{node}" id="ot1"/>

      The page definition containing the tree binding is

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      <pageDefinition xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/uimodel" version="" id="bamTreeTablePageDef"
      <variableIterator id="variables"/>
      <iterator Binds="root" RangeSize="25" DataControl="EmployeesByArea" id="EmployeesByAreaIterator"/>
      <accessorIterator MasterBinding="EmployeesByAreaIterator" Binds="Query" RangeSize="25" DataControl="EmployeesByArea"
      BeanClass="oracle.model.EmployeesByArea.Query" id="QueryIterator"/>
      <accessorIterator MasterBinding="QueryIterator" Binds="_Sales_Area" RangeSize="25" DataControl="EmployeesByArea"
      BeanClass="oracle.model.EmployeesByArea._Sales_Area" id="_Sales_AreaIterator"
      ChangeEventRate="1000" RowCountThreshold="-1"/>
      <tree IterBinding="_Sales_AreaIterator" id="_Sales_Area" ChangeEventPolicy="push">
      <nodeDefinition DefName="oracle.model.EmployeesByArea._Sales_Area" Name="_Sales_Area0">
      <Item Value="value"/>
      <Item Value="_Salesperson"/>
      <nodeDefinition DefName="oracle.model.EmployeesByArea._Salesperson" Name="_Sales_Area1">
      <Item Value="value"/>

      ADS settings in adf-config.xml:
      <ads:adf-activedata-config xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/activedata/config">

      When running the jspx page, the tree correctly displays the hierarchy Sales Area -> Salesperson. However, when updating data in the Data Object e.g. insert/delete, the tree is not updated. The data in the tree is updated only when I reload the entire page.
      Note that I had no issues with a simple table created based on a Flat Query BAM Data Control on the same data object.
      The table gets updated, but the tree table doesn't.

      Looking at the [ADS documentation|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/web.1111/b31974/adv_ads.htm#CIHHAEIJ] , there seems to be some limitations when using a tree/tree table:

      "If you are using an ADF bound tree or tree table, you need to ensure the following:

      The binding represents homogeneous data (that is, only one rule), although an accessor can still access a like accessor.

      The binding rule contains a single attribute.

      The table does not use filtering.

      The tree component's nodeStamp facet contains a single outputText tag and contains no other tags"

      Regarding point #1 "The binding represents homogeneous data (that is, only one rule), although an accessor can still access a like accessor."
      I have tried with only one rule i.e. only for Sales Area, but the data still doesn't get updated.
      As a side note, I'd say that if the binding contains only one rule, then no hierarchy is displayed, it looks like a simple table. That's not the functionality I need, plus there's no point in using a tree table in this case.

      Regarding point #2 "The binding rule contains a single attribute"
      In the tree binding I display only one attribute (value), but there is also the 'id' attribute that is available, which is created by default in the BAM Data Control and I have no way of removing it from the data control. Could this be an issue?

      I'd say points #3 and #4 are covered. I have no filtering and I only display an outputText.

      Please advise on how to use a table tree with a BAM data control. I wasn't able to find any example of a tree table working with BAM/ADS.