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    Automation Script execution

      Hello All,

      How i will do Automation script execution in Production
      We have a bunch of scripts (Packages , DDL & DML ) everyday. What is the better aproach to do automatic script execution without any issues ?
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          you can schedule using cron tab or oracle schdular. both are good depends on your requirments.
          what is your requirments?
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            Chanchal Wankhade

            You have two options.

            1) Oracle job scheduler
            2) Windows Tasks

            Oracle job scheduler you can run it by your requirement. you can create it like below:-
            JOB_NAME           =>      'JOB_FOR_TEST',
            JOB_TYPE           =>      'PLSQL_BLOCK',
            JOB_ACTION         =>      'begin YOUR_PROCEDURE_NAME; end;',
            START_DATE         =>      SYSTIMESTAMP,
            END_DATE           =>      NULL,
            COMMENTS           =>      'JOB IS CREATED FOR TEST ONLY.',
            ENABLED            =>      TRUE,
            REPEAT_INTERVAL    =>      'freq=daily; byhour=20; byminute=0; bysecond=0;');
            Above job will run on 8pm daily.

            likewise since i dont know whether you are on windows or linus or unix etc... you can scheduler windows level tasts...
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              Mohamed ELAzab

              I have a question why would you create the same DDL and DML every day?.If you are seeking automation you can use the DBMS scheduler or write a shell script and grant it the execute permission and then schedule it daily or weekly in the crontab job.

              Kind Regards
              Mohamed ElAzab