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    Are the OPH webservices/odi migrated to  SOA FMW in the pip pmdm11.2?

      To integrate OPH (Oracle Product Hub 12.1.3) with RODOD using AIA Pre-Built Integrations Product Master Data Management 11.1 I installed an OAC (Oracle Application Server) where has been deployed the OPH webservice:
      which working with the ODI10 that is deplojed in the same server.

      My question is if for the new release 11.2 (about the integration of Oracle Product Hub 12.1.3 with Oracle Pre-Built Integrations Product Master Data Management 11.2) the webservices and ODI project have been migrated to the SOA FMW platform or not?

      If not have I to install a new version of PIMWebServices and ODI project or I can reuse the same released for 11.1?

      Below the link of new Pre-Built Integrations 11.4 where I did not find the answer: