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    OBIEE EBS integration not working (unable to navigate to OBIEE from EBS)

      Hi Gurus,

      we configured OBIEE EBS integration. OBIEE and EBS 12.1.6. Everything is done as per Oracle document. (creating function, menu, responsibility etc in EBS and Session variables and connection pool stuff and enabling cookie in xml files)

      But when we tried to navigate from EBS to OBIEE by clicking on the OBIEE answers or OBIEE Dashboards link, we are seeing the following message.

      You are not currently signed in to the Oracle BI Server.

      If you have already signed in, your connection might have timed out, or a communications or server error may have occurred.

      *To sign in again, click here. If the problem persists, please contact the site's administrator.*

      Even though we click the "here" link in above message nothing changes, also if we click browser back button on top left side it is not directing back to the EBS page.

      Not sure what went wrong. Everything is done as per documentation.

      Please help.