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    Cluster time synchronization service check failed

      HI All,

      I have installed Oracle GI on RHEL 5.4 using Oracle virtual box. It is a 2-node cluster. But when i am checking component ctss using cluvfy tool, i am seeing inconsistency in time offset.

      Below is the error i am facing:

      [grid@rhelrac1 bin]$ ./cluvfy comp clocksync -n rhelrac1,rhelrac2 -verbose

      Verifying Clock Synchronization across the cluster nodes

      Checking if Clusterware is installed on all nodes...
      Check of Clusterware install passed

      Checking if CTSS Resource is running on all nodes...
      Check: CTSS Resource running on all nodes
      Node Name Status
      ------------------------------------ ------------------------
      rhelrac2 passed
      rhelrac1 passed
      Result: CTSS resource check passed

      Querying CTSS for time offset on all nodes...
      Result: Query of CTSS for time offset passed

      Check CTSS state started...
      Check: CTSS state
      Node Name State
      ------------------------------------ ------------------------
      rhelrac2 Active
      rhelrac1 Active
      CTSS is in Active state. Proceeding with check of clock time offsets on all node s...
      Reference Time Offset Limit: 1000.0 msecs
      Check: Reference Time Offset
      Node Name Time Offset Status
      ------------ ------------------------ ------------------------
      rhelrac2      5500.0                    failed
      rhelrac1 0.0 passed
      *Result: PRVF-9661 :  Time offset is greater than acceptable limit on node "rhelrac2" [actual = "5500.0", acceptable = "1000.0" ]*

      PRVF-9652 : Cluster Time Synchronization Services check failed

      Verification of Clock Synchronization across the cluster nodes was unsuccessful.
      Checks did not pass for the following node(s):

      Due this time offset greater than acceptable value, I am not able install RDBMS. Please help...