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    Can we create an associative array of Object type Column

      Hi All,
      I have a scenario where there are many PLSQL Types passed as IN and OUT params in a procedure. Since the Java cannnot access these types, we've plannned to create Object types.

      However the can we create one Object type as below:

      create or replace type T_EMP_REC as object
      emp_id number(8),
      dept_id number(8),
      emp_name varchar2(50),

      Then now I want to create an array of T_EMP_REC.emp_id and others respectively. Is this possible.

      The reason for doing this is, that we may get many emp_id, dept_id and emp_name for a condition and hence pass on the same to Java application.

      Please share your thoughts to achieve for such scenario. Any pseudo or code logic is much helpful.