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    ODI 11g - Multi User Development Environment Setup

      Hi All,

      1. In an Enterprise environment, what is the correct way of installing ODI (like having ODI Server in Unix machine where FMW & WLS are installed and Client in each developer's machine, connecting to single Master & Work Repository for development)? Could you please provide exact steps to be followed?

      2. Is it possible to just install ODI with Designer in a Windows Server and can developers remotely access the ODI at the same time for their development activity? If yes, could you please point me to some documentation?

      3. I have a development environment with one master & work repositories and a test environment with another master & work repositories (execution only). During initial deployment master & work repositories of development environment is exported and imported in test environment and all the senarios are exported from dev as solutions and imported in test. Now I would like to know, if there are any changes in existing objects or new ODI Components (such as model, interface, variable, packages etc.,) added, do we need to synch-up the repositories again from dev to test?

      Please help me get clarified.