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    Gen print error

      Hi all,

      I am getting the below error in GENPRINT

      DM12041: Error : FAP library error: Transaction:<>, area:<..\C\dsloadna.c,Nov 24 2009 08:37:41,400.114.000,DSLoadNAField>
      code1:<10>, code2:<0>
      DM17059: Error in ProcessData(): Unable to DSMergeNAFormset(DocSet,pRPS->fpNAFile,NAOffset,). Object Name:<>
      DM17053: Error in ProcessRcpRecs(): Unable to ProcessData(pRPS,&LocalPrtInfo) for batch <emp>.

      This is something that is popped up surprisingly. Our MRL was running good & suddenly this error came up.
      Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          There isn't enough information here to tell you the exact cause, but this error means there is something wrong in the transaction being loaded from the NA file - where output is written from Gendata and then read by GenPrint.

          The first error tells us that the problem occurred while trying to parse some field related information from that transaction. The particular line contains that *;W* that is shown at the end of the message in the angled brackets. I can't say that I remember every possible combination of content that can be in a field line, but normally they would look something like this:

          FPOLICY NBR;16200;3166;12012;G;;\TO34567

          The F at the beginning of the line is the indicator that it is a field. This is followed by the name of the field that ends at the first semicolon. Following that is some location and font information and then flags. The actually data occurs at the end, past the backslash.

          So, look in the offending transaction data and see what might look out of place. Knowing that might give some clue as to the actual reason for the failure.