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    Calling simple Java Code from 11g BPM

    Tony Cattlin

      I know this has been round the houses but I cant find a satisfactory solution for my scenario. I would like to call some simple java code from BPM ( I guess I need to expose it as a service but it seems overkill to be via soap so any advice you can give would be much appreciated. Creating a jar that I can call somehow would be perfect.

      This is my scenario:
      - I am creating a Security POC for BPM
      - The BPM Process is exposed as a web service and authenticated using SAML
      - I am testing by calling the WS from OSB
      - I want to be able to get the WLS Principal and display the username and the roles for the launching user, from within the BPM process
      - This is possible using some simple weblogic client api code shown below
      - So all I want to do is call this code from BPM somehow
      - Anyone point me in the right direction ?



      subject = Security.getCurrentSubject();

      for(Principal p: subject.getPrincipals()) {
      if(p instanceof WLSGroupImpl) {
      } else if (p instanceof WLSUser) {
      principal = p.getName();