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    Actuate Server 7 Report Error

    Madasamy Murugaboobathi

      When i drill through some reports where some start date and end date are the input columns which i have entered before Click on Finish, the report says "Some Arguments are missing. Contact your system Administrator.

      When i raised the loglvl and check , the log said that, there is a particular ROX file missing or does not have permission for the user to read.

      The same ROX i checked in $HOME/"ROX Files" folder where we do keep only the customized ROX files , and it is not available there.

      I have also tried checking in $HOME/Reports/rptsrvr/ and it is not available there too.

      I am drilling through further. But it doesnt seem relevant to the SOME ARGUMENTS MISSING error i am facing. Please guide me further

      Madasamy M