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    OBIEE export report with narrative view


      I have a report with a narrtive view componenent when I export this report the result don't match the result shown in the analytics web Page, in fact in this report I use a variable which called "Run" which can contains more than 100 values, in the analytics the report show multiple line for this value but in the pdf format the value of "Run" is shown in one line.

      Can you please help me te correct this exporting bug

      Fecha : @{DateVar}{Todos los fechas}[br/][br/]
      Sub-sistema : @{SubsystemVar}{Todos los valores possibles}[br/][br/]
      <div style="word-wrap: break-word; width: 800px ">RUN del solicitante : @{Run}{Todos los valores possibles}</div>