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    BDB + Sol10 + OpenLDAP = excessive transaction logs & full file system??!!

      Hello all, I hope this is a "softball" for the "old hats" to BDB.

      Brand new server Oracle Enterprise SPARC T4-1
      Loaded Solaris SPARC 10 u10, patched to 147440-27
      Loaded OpenLDAP v2.4.30
      Loaded Berkley DB 4.7.25.NC
      Loaded OpenSSL 1.0.1c
      Loaded GCC 3.4.6
      Note: All packages are from sunfreeware

      For sake of simplicity:

      I have never used the BDB straight from Oracle, IE - I have never had to compile BDB or set any of the options. I only use BDB to support OpenLDAP, and nothing else. Up to now I have never had to make any configuration changes to the BDB outside of a few tweaks in the DB_CONFIG file. All of the installs have been done using packages from sunfreeware so they are super simple to install.

      After configuring OpenLDAP, the transaction logs (50mb each) will start to multiply until the entire file system is full.

      I have contacted the OpenLDAP folks, and they claim it must be an issue with the Oracle product BDB (of course). Maybe it is, I can't claim to know one way or another at this point.

      They suggested I use a newer BDB (like 11g v5.3.x), but that means it needs to be compiled. Not a problem other than I have no idea what options are required. I gave it a shot with no options, and get the error:

      error: C compiler cannot create executables

      It may be useful to note, I have this same OS and software running on some T2000, T51xx, and T52xx series servers with no issues. I have configured hundreds of servers using these packages, and their predecessors. I have never seen this behavior before, & Google searches turn-up VERY little useful information. There seems to be a lot of things different about the T4-1 that have made configuring this server a giant PITA.

      Does anyone know what the issue is with this thing?

      Thanks in advance for any help.