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        tfa wrote:
        I believe bind variables are case sensitive. In your new page is the following bind variable capitalized in your query?
        Your belief is incorrect. APEX bind variables—like SQL and PL/SQL in general—are case insensitive.

        Some things elsewhere in APEX are case sensitive, which in my view is a serious error on Oracle's part given the expectations of experienced PL/SQL developers.
        • 16. Re: Query works in sqldeveloper but not apex
          Howard (... in Training)
          If I run this query in sqldeveloper it returns a correct result

          select * from t3_mail_piece
          where '111-000-461' BETWEEN start_merge_code and end_merge_code;

          302 Travel_Check American_TAD_Typed_Template 22-APR-13 30-APR-13 555-2424 Scottsdale 1 1350 111-000-461 111-000-465 17 1 One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty and 00/100
          You have my compete sympathy. This happens to folks ALL THE TIME. Code runs differently in SQL Developer than it does in APEX -- but for a good reason. They are different.

          You should run the code in the APEX > SQL Workshop > SQL Commands window. Then tell us what you see? You will have to enter a value for the bind variable -- don't hardcode the bind variable. It must be the problem.

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