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    Automate FDM Import Integration Scripts

      I have several FDM location with an associated unique integration import script that pulls data from a SQL Server. Is there a way to automate the execution of the scripts? Much like batch processing so I can control when they load at certain points? Is this possible and if so how? I would hate to create extract files and then use the batch loader as the integration script is so much cleaner and it makes it easier for the end users to manually load outside of the forced loads I would like to do. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any help.
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          Yes, you can do this. you need to create empty batch files with the name in the correct format (as with the normal flat file batch process). Generally i expect you would know the location and Category to be used in creating the empty file name so these could be hard-coded. the issue is the Period to be used, and there are various options. If you are using the 'Global' POV setting then you could use the global period setting, which would have to updated each period by the administrator. Another option might be to maintain a seperate file with the current period held in it. Another option might be to utilise a filed on the locaiton which again would need maintaining. Another option might be that the period is held in the SQL table holding the data you are importing so you could do a read of the table first to get the period