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    AviTek Sample Application - configuring max number of users

      I have a task to perform over vanilla Weblogic Fusion 11g / 12c with its OOTB AviTek sample Application.
      I am given one machine with a lot of resources (mem, cpu, disk, network). And I am required to re-configure the OOTB AviTek application to support as much as possible users.
      The load test profile I was given has some patient records in the repository and simulate (with JMeter) multiple physician users logging in, viewing patient records, and adding/removing medication records.
      There is an average and maximum response time thresholds that would indicate when the capacity is over the limit. The assumption is that with the OOTB AviTek configuration the capacity / number of users limit is lower than what could be possible through reconfiguration, so that the high amount of resources would be truly leveraged.
      I need help please figuring out what Weblogic / AviTek configuration would help me push the capacity of number of users as high as possible.
      Thanks in advance.