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    SRS 5.4, OL6, gdm-multiseat and console

      Seeing the following and wondered if it is particular to my installation?

      Automount of USB drives no longer works from console
      $ ck-list-sessions
           unix-user = '12345678'
           realname = 'joe'
           seat = 'StaticSeat1'
           session-type = ''
           display-type = 'Local'
           open = 'TRUE'
           active = 'FALSE' <== Seems to be the problem
           x11-display = ':0'
           x11-display-device = '/dev/tty1'
           display-device = ''
           remote-host-name = ''
           is-local = 'TRUE'

      switch-user to the same user and active goes to TRUE and USB drives automount again.

      However, that's not a good workaround as logging out from the switch-user session seems to cause ConsoleKit to crash.
      Screen goes to black with a flashing cursor (i.e. no greeter screen).