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    Unable to run the Openscript in Oracle Test Manager


      As i have created one Openscript (WebTutor) which is used to show login page and and then login into site.
      The Site is made Through Web Center Portal. The Script is running successfully after recording and plaback.

      But when i start to Test the script by choosing an option Type Openscript in Test Tab in Oracle Test Manager and clicking "Excecute Test Set" in Test Excecution Tab,the script shows failed.
      And reason for the error is "Cannot get a connection from helper after 120 seconds." Although when i start to test script by clicking on "Excecute Test Set" only the browser opens but after that nothing happens

      Also the same scripts shows status passed when i choose the option "manual test" in Test Tab and Run the Script.

      Can any one tell me why this status is showing failed in Oracle OpenScript or am i doing the testing in the wrong way.

      Kindly Suggest..