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    UPDATEXML help required


      I am trying to use updatexml in a simple example but getting Invalid Path Expression.
      drop table xml_tbl;
      create table xml_tbl (
      xml_msg_id integer,
      xml_msg_text xmltype
      insert into xml_tbl values(1, '<main xmlns:ns1="Abc:SET"><ns1:id>1</ns1:id></main>');
      insert into xml_tbl values(1, '<main xmlns:ns1="Abc:SET"><ns1:id>2</ns1:id></main>');
      I can query this easily as:
      SELECT *
        FROM xml_tbl
       WHERE XMLEXISTS ('declare namespace ns1 = "Abc:SET";/main[ns1:id="1"]'
                        PASSING xml_msg_text)
      But when I use UPDATEXML I get the error as:
      Update xml_tbl
      set xml_msg_text = updatexml(xml_msg_text,
                                                                     'declare namespace ns1 = "Abc:SET";/main/ns1:id',
       where xmlexists
       (  'declare namespace ns1 = "Abc:SET";/main[ns1:id="1"]' passing xml_msg_text )
      ORA-31013: Invalid XPATH expression

      Please help.