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    OBIEE setup on Linux machine (Virtualbox) network issue

      Hi all I'm facing with a database issue on a OBIEE setup in a virtual box machine, hosted on a windows 7, with Linux Enterprise 5.8.
      In this VM I've installed the follow oracle products: Oracle Database, RCU, OBIEE 11g -

      The network configuration for the VM is set to NAT and I forwarded the ports 7001 and 9704 to the VM in order to access to the web console.
      Also I modified the etc/hosts file in this way localhost obiee-server

      so if I ping obiee-server everithing is working fine.

      Furthermore I changed the database setting for the tnsname and listener file in order to point on the obiee-server hostname

      When I set up the OBIEE instance during the MDS and BIPLATFORM schema configuration I specify as database hostname obiee-server and the setup proceed without any error in fact at the end I was able to access to the web console.

      The problem is that if I disconnect the windows machine phisical adapter from the network (wireless or lan doesn't make any difference) the opmnctl starts fine but during the stratup of the admin and managed servers I get an IO Error Socket read timed out exception.
      As soon as I reconenct the interface to the physical network I'm able to start the servers withoput any problem Of course I tested the database listener using tnsping orcl and everithing is working fine. Please may you help me to solve this issue.

      Thanks a lots

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