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    SSLHandshake allowUnsafeRenegotiation

      Hi, I have a SSLHandshake problem. I have a system that call two different service X and Y,
      the service X works with the system property

      System.setProperty( "sun.security.ssl.allowUnsafeRenegotiation", "true" );

      The Y service works without this property or with

      System.setProperty( "sun.security.ssl.allowUnsafeRenegotiation", "flase" );

      Is there any solution to set this properties in a higer level ???
      I tried to set this property on the provider

      BouncyCastleProvider provider = new BouncyCastleProvider();
      provider.setProperty("sun.security.ssl.allowUnsafeRenegotiation", "true");

      but I have the same problem.
      Do you have any ideas how to solve the problem??